31 Jul 2011

Back on Track

We have managed to confirm that there is a Kazakh Consulate at Omsk and does issue visas so we are back on course, we just have to detour back to Omsk (about 600 miles), which is my new favourite City and spend another couple of nights in the Tourist Hotel (and just about time for another hair cut). Just as well fuel in Russia is only 52p per litre!

We have just spent the weekend in the Gorkhi Terekl National Park.

The sun was actually setting behind me and this was the reflection on the clouds.

And then we went to see the 40m high stainless steel statue of Ghengis Kahn!

After great debate we are now off to the Gobi to the sand dunes and then back across Mongolia to Russia

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  1. I am watching you and very envious. We are planning a trip to Uzbekistan next year and need you to sound it out for us.
    Sue (ex RCV)