25 Aug 2011


We are now staying in a little Hotel in Biysk while we wait for the work on the cruiser to be completed and just heard it will be late tonight before they finish so we are staying another night. We have however managed to find a cafe down the road with internet access. It is a nice setting with a hilly forest section between the Hotel and river and would be really nice if there weren't vast piles of rubbish strewn through the forest.

Just as well we were in a Hotel last night as there was a huge thunderstorm with torrential rain and looks like we may have another shortly.

Finding the garage in Biysk was interesting. Yefgeni gave us the number for the mechanic and said 'go to Byisk, ring the number and give phone to russian people'. The chap I gave it to was a bit confused to start but then smiled gave me back the phone and pointed to the ground. 10 minutes later the mechanic turned up with Irena who speaks good english. It seems they are replacing the whole front casing with a new one but we will see when we get it back tomorrow.

A few last pictures of Mongolia.

And first pictures of Altai

This is the view from the top of one of the smaller peaks, this is a fabulous area and I could happily spend weeks here.

Chris saves the day and recues my bike wheel

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