1 Sep 2011

The Adventure Continues

Just a quick update to say that our Kazak visas will be ready at 4pm and we might make the border tonight, as it is only about 90 miles away.

Had the cruiser serveced at Toyota yesterday and got them to check through the electrics (after our dip in the river) and all the chasis and suspension bolts after major surgery in Biysk and all OK. They also checked the wheel allignment (as the stering wheel was a bit off center and put that all straight also.

No photos I am afraid as we have had a few long wet traveling days. The weather in Omsk has been sunny but cool and windy and I have left the camaras locked in the safe.

Should be warming up again now and for the next few weeks as we head into the late 20's early 30's in the Stans.

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