28 Oct 2011

And so to Turkey

After a couple of attempts and with the help of a waitress we have managed to ascertain that the next boat to Turkey is on Monday 31st at 18.00 and I believe we and the car are booked on.

Trying to make the call from the Hotel was hopeless so I came back to the restaurant to check the number, in doing so I happened to point the cursor at a little green phone which said 'calling via skype!. I had forgotton that I had put £10 on skype in Mongolia to try to call the Kazakh embassy in Omsk, that failed and I forgot all about it.

The number rang but they only spoke Russian. I then converted the info on the ferry web site back to Russian, plus a little drawing of a car on a ship going across the water and called the waitress for help. She then had a long conversation with the booking office and job done.

It is 11.00 now and only just above zero, with ice on the car park and on the car, but Sochi is 16 today and Antalya is 25 so I might get the shorts and sandels back on yet.

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