29 Aug 2014

Teton Special

I liked the Grand Tetons so much I bought a cap (I lost my old one so needed a new one) then I discovered that Teton means breast! So now I am walking around with hat that says 'big tit'! I am sure some would not argue!

The Tetons are spectacular and we actually waited a couple of days for the weather to improve, and it did. We did a fantastic walk and had lunch twice on the terrace of a Hotel with the whole of the Tetons across the lake. To the East of the Tetons is a wide valley (42 miles across) with Lakes spread along the the length of the range, so the sun is in the right place for amazing views/photos for most of the day.

I have finally seen the smallest tent in the world and the animal count is increasing. Another Moose. An Elk that ran through our camp site (the site was set in the woods with about 10 meters of forest between each pitch). About 50 metres beyond the site it stopped to eat and I managed to get right up to it, to my amazement it then lay down looking right at me! We didn't see Yogi in Yellowstone, but we did see a girl doing Yoga in the middle if the Lake and also saw Woody Woodpecker.

Went for a ride in the hills today and managed to run over a snake! About 2 cm wide and 400 cm long inches long. At first I thought it was a stick, then a dead snake then realised it was alive (this was in seconds as I was moving quite quickly, fortunately), sorry I didn't get a photo - or of the bloody dog that chased me past a house on the way back.

Finally a few photos of Buffalo Bill pass, between Cody and Yellowstone on the way to the Tetons, this of course was before the Tetons, but they had to come first!

Now to Utah, loads more parks and hopefully some better weather!

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  1. Hi you two, Hope you are keeping well? you look like you are having a reasonable time ;-)

    I have to ask what is the smallest tent in the world for?