29 Jul 2011

2000 Miles in Mongolia

2000 miles in Mongolia and less than 100 on tarmac.

We have sunk up to the axles in a swamp (heading for a good camping spot) and Max Tracs or Hi lift Jack were to no avail, we had to wait for a passing Land Cruiser to yank us out, fortunately it was the third vehicle to pass us, but we had to wait an hour and a half.

On investigating a clanking sound from below I found that the rear right upper suspension arm had snapped, but found a welder in the next town 10 miles later and it was soon welded back up and we were on our way.

The scenery is stunning, but difficult to do it justice without being able to take 360 pictures and Mongolia is just one huge camp site and we have some amazing spots.

I can now claim to have climbed about 6 2000m plus peaks, but as the valley bottoms are generally around 1850 this does not take too much doing.

We kept crossing paths with the two MG's, one from UK and one from NZ, the latter of which required a number of welding stops, but they kept battling on and should be in China by now, on the way to Singapore. Chris and I both had a spell in the passenger seat of the NZ MG, which was good fun, but I must admit I was glad to get back behind the wheel of the cruiser.

Now in UB (Ulaanbaatar) to extend our Mongolain Visa (yesterday) but we are leaving for the weekend and coming back Sunday night to apply for our Kazhakstan visas on Monday and the sun is shining again after 4 days of cold and rain.

A Mongolian Motorway

A storm brewing, so we stayed in a Ger, to avoid having to pack the tent away wet before stopping in UB

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