5 Jun 2014

Escape from New York

Where is Kurt Russell when you need him! Customs have now decided they want to do a full inspection, which means moving the container to a separate building and taking the cruiser out to search it. Not only does this mean considerable further delay but we are told will cost between $500 to $1,500 dollars! Together with £100.00 per night plus food will end up costing over £2,000.00 before we have even started!

We check the internet for Hotels and even the one we are in is shown as full but fortunately we had told the Receptionist we might need to stay longer and she had held the room for us. We could get rooms for half the price outside Manhattan but with the aid of google earth we could see that they were all in isolated locations which would be a problem without transport, so we decide to stay put as they are happy to let us stay as long as we need. so, given the location, next to Riverside Park and close to Central Park, plus a host of good value restaurants we decide to stay put.

Happy Hour - is something of an institution in New York, anything from $2 a drink off to half price, and in our little area is typically 15.00 to 20.00 and at 20.00 one of them changes the board to 50% off draft from 20.00 to midnight (Tuesday to Thursday).

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