5 Jun 2014

Intrepid - even in New York

Tuesday - Today we here that customs want to open the container to see if the vehicle has any mud on it. As there is no chance today we hire bikes for the day and take the bike/pedestrian track which goes most of the way round Manhattan (with plans to complete in the near future). This is definitely the best way to travel and it is packed with cyclists, runners, walkers and people on skates, but all very organised with lanes each way for pedestrians and cyclists.

The weather is perfect (and except for the heavy rain on Saturday has been perfect so far) and we cycle down to the bottom of Manhattan, up and over Brooklyn Bridge and down to the waters edge for views of Manhattan across the water. As we cycle back the skies get very black in the distance and we make it back to a bar on the water front before the skies open, so we make good use of  'Happy Hour'.

Time moves on and the rain does not ease, so we are soaked by the time we drop the bikes off and are drowned rats by the time we get to the Hotel, but it is not cold so not too bad.

The second picture is for Paul at bar Alioli in Spain, I was going to take one in a more iconic setting on the way back when the sun would be in the right place, but it had disappeared on the way back and we were more intent on avoiding the rain (at least until we had had a beer).


  1. There's something poetic about a piano in the Hudson(?), if I was more sophisticated I might know what!