26 Jun 2014

Land of The Midnight Sun

Apologies for such a long break but internet in Northern Canada is worse than Mongolia! Please also note that I forgot to hit Spot when we got to Inuvik so Spot does not quite hit the spot as it were.

So - After Niagara, we passed 2 huge lakes and did not see them as the terrain was flat and lots of trees, but it got more interesting around Lake Superior, more undulating (and superb weather). We did not see Manitoba or Saskatchewan as it rained solidly all the way over. Things improved a little when we got into BC, but nothing special to report on the scenery front. Reached the Alaska Highway, some interesting scenery, but the mountains still in the distance. Robert Campbell Highway, mostly gravel and good for animal life and then the Dempster Highway and into the Arctic and here the scenery is quite amazing,.another gravel road and this one certainly justifies the cruiser.

We have spent the last 2 days in the Arctic Circle and have had temperatures of up to 30 degrees. Last night rained all night and we had to wait for the tent to dry a little before packing up and the road had turned into a quagmire, certainly worth having the cruiser today. Just south of the Arctic Circle now and apparently the road has been closed to motor bikes after an accident.

So, the mosquito hats Chris,s mother bought in Australia have come in very useful, we stopped the night at the hot springs at Laird and went for a dunk and now we are heading for Alaska.

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