11 Jun 2014

Back in the Groove

After all the trials and tribulations before we left and then US customs, it has took a few days to get into the groove, but after 600 miles in the last 2 days we are finally back in traveling mode, having now completed just over 1100 miles since New York. The plan being to get to the top of Alaska in good time, then slow down as we head south.

First stop was Niagara Falls. The US side was easy, finding a 2 hour parking spot on the side of the road and walking down by the rapids to the falls. A trip on The Maid of the Mist, the boat which takes you right under the falls, then across into Canada (with no more hassle than coming back from France into Dover).

The views are better from the Canadian side and everywhere is much better manicured, but parking is miles away and expensive. We then did another 20 miles and stopped at our first camp site in Canada.

the next day we pass Toronto (very busy), and after 200 miles the two lane motorway turns into a two way road wandering through the forest, much of it virtually on the shore of Lake Huron, though the trees prevent little more than the odd glimpse. Today started overcast and turned to rain after 100 miles, but 100 miles later we arrived at lake Superior, the clouds ended the sun came out and the terrain became more mountainous, providing a wonderful last 100 miles of the day, with frequent views of Lake Superior,

We did have to stop for some essential supplies though, mosquito repellent, bear repellent and beer.

The Cherry bombs start as flares and make a loud bang and are used by the locals as bear repellent.

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