17 Aug 2014

And into the USA

It has been 12 days since my last confession (as we have had insufficient connection to update the blog). Initially we continued our half term holiday with a 3 day stop in Revelstoke in the foothills before Bannf. A nice site with a lake, a couple of bike rides into town to watch a free band with a couple of beers and a couple of longer bike rides for me. We then went back to Lake Louise and Banff, before moving on to the Kananaskis state park to the south, found a superb camp site and I did one of the best off road bike rides I have done for a long time, after borrowing a map from a fellow camper. We skirted Glacier Park as it looked busy (and they wanted $18 to just go in for a couple of hours), so headed for the US border (and got a magnificent view of the park on the way).

After all the tales told of troubles crossing into the US we were through a 5 minutes, we told him about our bear spray and remaining Cherry Bomb (we gave the other 3 away) and he waved us through.

For the previous 16 days it has been hot and sunny, but the night before we went into Glacier Park it rained and the 'Going to the Sun' road was covered in cloud. We drove through thinking we might do a return trip but it was extremely busy, all parking spots taken and took 3 hours to do 50 miles, so maybe we will come back another time! We skirted round to East Glacier intending to go to the Blackfeet Museum, but hit torrential rain, so headed south until the sun came out.

The next couple of nights we stayed in small town camp sites that were cheap and friendly, and yesterday we stopped in a small town for supplies, saw a poster for a Farm Rodeo today, found a small camp site, went to the local pub for a few beers and then went to the pre Rodeo BBQ and dance (a few more beers, no dancing). Went to the Rodeo today (which was good fun) and we are now just on the edge of Yellowstone Park, so hopefully we will get good weather tomorrow.

No bears recently, but we have seen a wild dear, a coyote walked through our camp (makes a change from a bear), and an Elk. We also saw the first Land Cruiser!


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  1. Wingham has a great rodeo! You'll have to come next time!