5 Aug 2014

Half Term Report

We have had a few days off in a real house with a real bed whilst visiting Sue and Franco in West Kolowna in the Okanagan. With some amazing food courtesy of Franco. Sue and Chris were at College together and have not seen each other since Sue and Franco emigrated to Canada 40 years ago. Whilst staying with them we also went to visit Val and Graham (relatives of a friend of Chris) 6 miles down the road. What are the chances of having 2 people to visit in the whole of the Amercas and they are 6 miles apart!

Prior to this we went to another waterfall and walked on another glacier (but this time I walked to it rather than being dropped by a hopta copta). Plus a superb walk up to a 2280m peak (past yet another glacier).

We are now having our second oil change and first rear break pad change before heading back to Lake Louise to continue our route through Banff to Glacier Park and Yellowstone Park.

Unfortunately some of the photos have not loaded in quite the right order, but you'll get the picture - so to speak
 Chris with Sue
 Chris with Franco
 Graham & Val

 The face in the Waterfall

 Chipmunk - first animal we saw in Canada and finally managed to get a photo

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