15 Sep 2014

100 Days on the Road

14,000 miles so far and 91 nights in the roof tent 5 in Motels and 4 in a house (with Sue and Franco).

Day 1 New York
Day 4 into Canada at Niagara - 500 miles

Day 25 enter Alaska at Tok - 5,300 miles

Day 43 back into Canada from Tok - 7,800 miles

Day 69 into the US at Glacier Park - 11,000 miles

Which means we have done a mere 2,900 miles in the last 31 days.

This area of the USA is quite amazing as there is something around almost every corner, with quite amazing changes of scenery.

All the people we have met so far have been very friendly, especially the little out of the way bars and camp sites on the way.They are all fascinated by the vehicle, roof tent and the general set-up we have.

We have recently had a few things done on the vehicle. We had the air conditioning fixed (which failed on the way to the docks in the UK), this also drives the little fridge between the front seats, imperative for keeping our water cool. We had the underbody protection plate re-fitted (3 of the bolts had broken and had to be drilled out). We also had a switch fitted to the fan on the gearbox oil cooler. The fan was fitted prior to leaving with a thermostatic switch, but was not cutting in and the auto box overheated 4 times on one long climb, so I can now switch it on manually.

The main issue now is the alternator, we had it tested as it did not appear to be fully charging the leisure batteries and it is starting to fail, but Cruiser Outfitters in Salt Lake City are flying one in from Japan for me and will ship it to meet us in LA or San Diego so I can get it fitted. This new one also has a greater output (100 amps  instead of 60).  Toyota have never sold diesel landcruisers in the US (or Canada) so cannot supply replacement parts.

Other than that things are going pretty much to plan and to budgets, so on we go (we may have to speed up a little though to make the bottom of Argentina by summer down there (Feb/March).

Currently we are in Moab and will be visiting Arches National Park today and Canyon lands tomorrow after spending a couple of days further north driving rough roads in Canyons and visiting ancient cliff paintings and petrified dinosaur bones.

First photo with new camara!

 Dinasaur bones

Ancient Indian Paintings

Run out of wild life, but this was crawling up my leg whilst cleaning my teeth!

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