28 Dec 2014

White Christmas Mexican Style

After Pelenque we visited another 3 Archaeological sites, Edzna, Uxmal and Chichenitza. Edzna was the least well know but in many ways was the best. Almost as big as the other two was completely empty and nothing was roped off (unlike the other two where everything was roped off) so we could climb the Pyramids as much as we wanted.

Our final Archeological site in Mexico was Tulum, but we decided to have a rest before tackling this so headed for the beach, but half way we ran into a massive storm and a lightening bolt literally hit a large road sign as we went under it I saw the lightening come straight for us and heard a terrific boom as the sign shook above us !!!. After 1 night just south of Tulum we made our way to the end of the Peninsular (a 25 mile track with more water than road that took over 2 hours) and ended up at a lovely little camp site on the beach with hot showers and all we could want so decided we would stay for Christmas. The owner had organized Christmas dinner on the eve of the 24th in one of the restaurants and we joined a Danish family, a Swedish family, a Dutch guy, and English guy, an Aztec (who did massage and made jewelry) plus 2 Americans, 1 Candian and had a great time. The Danes came up with  an excellent game involving small Christmas presents and dice and we all had a good time.

Christmas Day was cloudy and windy (still warm though and we didn't do a lot except prepare to leave. On Boxing Day we visited Tulum stopped for one night  at the top of Lake Bacalar and then to Yax Ha, a camp site on the coast very close to the Belize border, where we met up with Mike and Shannon on their motor bikes and Steve in his Unimog.


Uxmal Sound & Light
Cenote (natural water hole)
Platform to a abseil into the Cenote
You can just see the platform top right
The Ball Court at Chicheiniza, you can just see the hoop they have to put the ball through (without using their hands or forearms) the loosing side was beheaded.

The road to Punte Allen
Our Christmas camp site
A walk in the jungle
To the Black Lagoon
To get an appetite for our Christmas dinner


Yax Ha - yes it is our cruiser, still covered in white sand from the road to Punta Allen

A couple of Iguanas - top one about 18 inches, bottom at least 2 feet.

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