6 Jul 2015

Maps Added at Last!

Just a quick update to say that we are now in Cartagena and will be starting the process of retreiving the cruiser this afternoon, hopefully we will be back on the road by Wednesday. Cartegina is a fabulous city and the best we have been to so far in the Americas, but it will be oh soo good to be on the road again.

It has taken me a full year but I have finally worked out how to create the maps of our adventure and even more amazing, worked out how to add them to the site. You can now study the full map of phase 1 and also watch phase 2 route unfold. I will attempt to update the map as I do the blog but I am not sure how that will work out. I am leaving the spot line there also which will show our movements in the previous 7 days.

After spending 2 weeks in big cities we are heading to the northern most part of Colombia/South America to a wild area of desert and wilderness that is supposed to be little visited and very beautiful. Stll inhabited by the original indigenous people (who are very freindly). The only power provided by the odd generator and no wifi, so we will be off the grid for a week or so (but spot should still work to show where we are).

The Panama City Skyline

Panama City Traffic, 2 hours for 9 milkes each way from our Hotel in the morning and afternoon
Old Town at night

Cartagena City Sky Line
The Gate to the Cartagena Old City

Cartagena at night

Some of the sculptures dotted around


The Gallows, the chain saw in the corner adds a new dimension to drawing and quartering!

Removing the scaffolding from a building under renovation, interestingly all scafold in Cartagena is massive bamboo poles, where as in Panama it is all metal struts.

This was the site of one of the biggest Slave Trade Markets in the world

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