10 Feb 2012

A Final Beer in the sun

Turns out our decision to fly to Spain was right, with rain across most of europe the weather in southern Spain was superb and we had a few good walks and at long last did half of the Via Verde with Paul and Synova, our friends that run the Alioli, the bar at Estecion Jimera.

Flying back to the UK on Dec 22nd we drove up to Chris's parents for Christmas, did a couple opf good walks with Sarah, back to move the furniture back on the 30th and back to work on the 3rd Jan.

We are not quite ready to start planning the next trip yet, but the landcrusier is waiting patiently by the side opf the house, ready to set off any minute. Menawhile Sarah and I are hoping for snow and ice in the Lakes so we go stomping around with crampons and ice axe and I am planning a cycle camping trip round Cornwall in June.

Cycling the Via Verde, a 35 mile long section of railway that was never opened and has been converted into a cycle track withPaul & Synova

A visit to the Smurf village, painted blue to launch the Smurf movey (originally one of the famous white villages of Andalucia) the film company had comitted to repainting it white but the village decided to leave it blue as a tourist attraction.

A last walk in the sun before finally giving in to the British winter!

And a final Beer in the Sun