9 Apr 2015

Heading home for a break

The cruiser is parked in bonded storage and we are now in a Hotel in David (North Panama) and will be getting an air conditioned bus to Panama City tomorrow, 300 miles away. This is because it costs $1 per week day (apparantly they don't charge for weekends or holidays), it costs $10 per day in Panama City!

28,000 miles, 309 days (280 of them sleeping in the roof tent) and some traumatic border crossings
and we are ready to come home. It has been a superb phase 1 of the trip, seen lots of amazing things, sat on some of the best beaches in the world and made some good friends along the way.

We met up with Mike and Shannon again in Boquete (Panama), had another day out with them squashed into the back of the cruiser (with Shannon sitting on the safe) and we are all staying in the same place in Panama City before we fly to Spain and they take a sail boat (that takes motor bikes) through the San Blas Islands to Columbia. We plan to catch up with them in Argentina or Chile and we will all meet for Christmas in Ushuia at the bottom of Argentina, with a few others we have met along the road.

This is one way to travel, Azure is American travelling the Americas with her Dutch boyfriend, on the way to the ferry to Columbia before it stops running on 20th April.

Doctor Mike cuts off my wedding ring after it embedded itself in my finger a week ago, using a tea spoon and a peice of plastic to avoid cutting my finger off and a hack saw. I caught it on the ladder as I jumped down from the running board and the ring was preventing it from healing properly. Mike isn't a doctor but is an engineer.
 Out for the day with Mike and Shannon