29 Jun 2011

Omsk - Beer in the Sun Heaven

Omsk is a large sprawling City but the Centre is quite small in comparison and is on the North Bank of the River Om where it flows into the much larger Irtysh. On the South bank of the Om/East bank fo the Irtysh is a cluster of Hotels and Restaurants, with a sandy beach running down the East bank of the Irtysh. We are on the 6th floor of the Turist Hotel, which whilst the cheapest is also the nearest to the beach and is the best Hotel we have stayed in so far. This is the view from our window.

The City has various monuments plus a number of quircky statues, like this one of a workman emerging from a man hole.

Behind the beach are a number of bars facing west so ideal for a beer in the sun at the end of the day. Trouble is, you go for a beer at 18.30 and the sun just hangs there for hours. This picture was taken at 21.30 and as you can see the beach is still pretty full and the sun still quite hot.

This is for Sarah (who has been complaining about the state of mothers hair in the pictures). This is before (on the Vodka aagain I am afraid - mine is the guiness on the left).

And this is after.

This was probably our most Intrpid adventure yet! Finding a hairdressers was difficult, booking us both in was not easy and when it came to cutting my hair I pointed to the clipper and the hairdresser looked horified (as most men have their hair longish here). After a while trying to decide which head to use she made a tentive start up the side, then pointed to the top of my head for confirmation and with a shrug carried on. Like the Toyota garage they were very professional and the first time I have ever had my hair cut without bits down my shirt.

We have now decided to stay a third night so will be getting the bikes off today as there are some good cycle ways round Omsk, and maybe a river boat trip later on, before the real intrepid stuff starts.

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