24 Nov 2011

Heading Home

After a couple of we nights the sun came out again and has been quite hot in the daytime, unfortunately now that is all too short and once the sun goes down it gets colder and colder! We've had a few 2/3 day stops but now it is time to head home. We have abandoned the idea of going via the Croation coast and after a few days 4x4 in Bulgaria (staying in a farmhouse with a roaring fire!) we will head direct to Calais, crossing on the eve of the 7th. As we don't get the house back until after Christmas we have booked flights to Spain from 9th to 21st and then up to Chris's parents for Christmas and back to move the furniture back in from storage on the 30th.

We have not been slacking on the intrepid front though as we both went for a tandem paraglide, originally my 60th birthday present from Sarah, but Chris decided to come at the last minute (after negotiating a better price) and we both jumped right off the top of a 2000m mountain. Chris loved it and even did some acrobatics. It never occurred to me that there might be some similarity with a rollercoaster so the pilot had to take it very steadily down. That was my first and last I'm afraid, and the same goes for the parachute jump I always wanted to make, & I suppose space flight is out of the question too - I'll have to stick to the bike, and the cruise of coarse.



Chris being Intrepid

Ready for Take Off

Flying Like a Bird!

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